Coffee Scale

Check the extracted data with your smartphone.
Display detachable coffee scale

It will help you to keep
track of your coffee.

It is compatible with both, hand-drip and espresso machines.

"Using the smartphone app, you can check and record weight and time measurement results in real time. It can be used for various purposes, from home to professional use."
- HARIO Staff

Recreating recipes with hand-drip

Continuous extraction from espresso
machines can be recorded.

What you can do with JIMMY

Link to smartphone

You can install the app on your phone and link it to JIMMY's main unit via Bluetooth. (iOS, Android, and Apple Watch supported*)You can install the app on your phone and link it to JIMMY's main unit via Bluetooth. (iOS, Android, and Apple Watch supported*)

Espresso extraction record (E)

The espresso machine can keep a record of repeated extractions. Auto-tare or timer reset can be selected depending on the operation.

Pour-over extraction record (P)

Creates recipe data and displays a guide for reproducing it. Recipes can be recorded, and a record of each extraction can be kept.

Training (T)

Hand drip and espresso extraction training can be given in a game-like environment.

Display on a smartphone (J)

Same display contents can be shown on your smartphone as the main unit of the JIMMY, including both the time and weight.

Coffee Scale


Video on how to
use the JIMMY app

This video explains the basic
usage of the Coffee Scale Linkage App.

Initial settings

Install the "HIROIA JIMMY" app on your phone and connect it to the JIMMY unit via Bluetooth.

App StoreGoogle Play
*To use the app, you will need a smartphone with iOS 11.0 or higher or an Android OS 7.0 or higher.
User registration and login
Bluetooth connection
Firmware update

Espresso extraction record (E mode)
Depending on the operation, you can choose the following three recording methods for how to tare and for automatic/manual timer reset.
Quick Espresso
(Espresso mode 1)
Quick Espresso
(Espresso mode 2)
Quick Espresso
(Espresso mode 3)
Espresso Recipes

Pour-over extraction recording (P mode)

There are two ways to create the master data for a recipe: "Design Recipe", where you enter the numbers, and "Freestyle", where you actually pour the recipe and it is automatically quantified.

Design Recipe

Training (T mode)

This training is designed to replicate the hand-drip pouring speed "ml/second" and to extract espresso according to the recipe. It is recommended that you try this feature first to get used to the operation.

Pour-over (single)
Pour-over (random)
Pour-over (recipe)

What happens in this situation?

You can check how to deal with cases with which you are having trouble.

*The above video is JIMMY app ver.4.5.2. The display may change due to app updates. If the troubleshooting does not solve the problem, you can contact us using the chat on the bottom right.